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Schuler and Le Blanc is committed to helping couples and families separate, divorce, and co-parent with dignity. 

Angeline R. Schuller

Guardian Ad Litem 

Parenting Coordinator

Domestic Relations Mediator

Angeline R. Schuller, has a background as a Clinical Social Worker.  She specializes in working with High Conflict Co-Parents and Parent-Child contact issues.  Angeline is Nationally Certified as both a Parenting Coordinator and a Custodial Evaluator, in addition to being a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator in the State of Indiana. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Lynda H. LeBlanc

Guardian Ad Litem

Domestic Relations Mediator

Lynda H. LeBlanc has a worked as a Family Law Attorney for over 10 years. Lynda uses her background in accounting and real estate to aide in her Guardian Ad Litem and Mediation work. For more information about Lynda, please feel free to contact our office.

Mary Foley

Guardian Ad Litem

Mary Foley has a background as a Family Law Attorney, and has spent several years working for Lake County CASA. Ms. Foley is passionate about protecting the best interest of the children she serves. We are truly grateful to have Ms. Foley as a part of our team. For more information about Ms. Foley, please feel free to contact our office.

Fee Structure

Guardian Ad Litem Appointments 
(Angeline, Mary, or Lynda) 

$3000.00 Starting Retainer

Billed at $200.00 an Hour for

Single Appointments

Parenting Coordination 
$2000.00 Retainer

Billed at $200.00 an hour 

Co-Mediation Appointments

$1500.00 Retainer  
Billed at $250.00 an hour